Shopping with us become even more convenient!

Order after confirmation

Shopping with us become even more convenient!

Dear valued customers,

Recently InTomyShop has added a new payment method: Payment after confirmation. Using this method has two important advantages:

  1. You could save on delivery by choosing cheaper shipping options
  2. The order could be adjusted according your individual requests

Let’s look at those advantages thoroughly

Payment after confirmation allows to save on delivery

Shipping cost in InTomyShop is calculated automatically depending of total weight of your order. We use Priority Airmail tariffs of Thailand Post. This is the fastest delivery option, but it is also quite expensive. Shipping cost also includes $3 fee for tracking number which allow you to track your parcel during delivery.

If you totally agree with this, simply select “Credit card” or “PayPal” payment method when placing order. In this case we will receive your payment within few minutes, pack your order and send it to you.

In the case if you want to reduce shipping cost, please select payment method “Payment after confirmation”. In this case you don’t need to pay immediately. After we receive your order, we will contact you back and offer a few cheaper options for delivery (if possible).

For example, instead of Priority Airmail it is possible to use economy airmail (SAL – Surface Air Lifted) or even Surface mail. For orders less than 2 kilograms it is possible do not use tracking number and save some more. Yet another method is to split order into two packages. For example, orders more than 2 kg could be sent only as “parcel” with mandatory using tracking number. However we can split order weighting 3-4 kg into two smaller packages and send them as “small packet” or “letter” without using tracking number

Payment after confirmation allows individually tailor your order

We also recommend use this method if you want to buy some goods which is not presented in our shop or if you have some special requirements. In this case please don’t forget to write additional information in “Order notes”.

When we receive such order, we will contact you back and inform you about possibility to fulfill your additional requirements. For example, add some other goods, currently not presented in our shop, make a gift wrapping etc. We will inform you about cost of additional goods /services and also offer you individual discount depending of total order amount.

When we discuss everything with you and you agree with final proposal, we will adjust total order cost and then send you updated invoice and payment link. You can make payment using Credit Card or PayPal payment methods.