Dear valued customers,
As you probably know, many countries restricted international flights due COVID-19 pandemic. It also affects delivery services, such as Post, DHL etc.
Sometimes they stop accept particular postage (i.e. “Airmail”), sometimes completely stop accepting postage to some countries. DHL also apply “emergency surcharge”.
For example right now we don’t have any way deliver orders to India, Philippines, Canada.
Unfortunately, rules changed almost every day, sometimes without prior notices.
It is why we TEMPORARY changed order handling to manual mode. It mean, you cannot pay for order immediately after you place it. When we receive your order, we contact Post / DHL and confirm they able deliver your order. And only after that we confirm your order, and you can proceed to payment.
We are really sorry for this situation, but it is beyond our control. We are trying our best to fulfill your orders.
We hope that situation will change within 1-2 weeks and we can return to normal functioning mode.
Thanks you for being our customers! Please keep in touch!